Welcome to my personal landing page! I’m a freelance software engineer, currently located in Prague, Czech Republic. If you’re interested in collaborating feel free to contact me through one of the linked platforms!

Projects I’m interested in

Modernizing C++ codebases, GPU (CUDA) acceleration, optimization, computer vision & image processing projects.

Technologies I like to use

C++, CUDA, SYCL, OpenCV, Python, Nix, GIT

About me

I have a mixed computer science / software engineering background. I have previously studied computer vision and image processing at CTU Prague, worked on C++/CUDA data processing at Eyen and most recently I have been a software engineer at Google, part of the YouTube Trust & Safety Engineering team.

06/2015: Graduated from CTU Prague
07/2015 - 10/2015: Internship at Adobe
04/2016 - 02/2019: Work at Eyen
04/2019 - 07/2021: Work at Google


NixOS on GCP: Declarative VM with personal services running on GCP.

Multiblend: Example of refactoring and modernizing a C++ codebase.

Xpano: Open source panorama stitching tool (references).

High cone-angle x-ray computed micro-tomography with 186 GigaVoxel datasets: ANU published article about the tomography work I’ve contributed to at Eyen (pdf).

Motion Capture using Sum of Gaussians Body Model: Diploma thesis on markerless motion capture.

Realtime Video Panorama Stitching with OpenCV: Toy project for stitching panoramas from video.

Mandelbrot: fractal explorer running on Nintendo Wii.